Nice Urls And Other Improvements

Aug 25, 2011

Hello again dear players!

We have been busy lately, there were some job to do on the site, mainly some performance improvements and other additions. As it can be noticed the urls now are in human reading friendly format so the old .php?argument url typing is history from now. The new url types good in multiple purposes. The first is that is easier to read and to remember, and the second is that it is search engine friendly.

Also there are more featured games now. Six games are scrolling as our pick for the best games. For the widgets of various topics we added some icons too. One major thing is added to the site, and that is specialized pages of game collections on different genres and interests. There are two for now! Cool Parking Games is a collection of parking games which are highlighted by us. In Gravity Flash Games there are various flash games which are related to gravity in any matter. Off course more collections are on the way!

This fall the development doesn’t stop. New features and improvements can be expected with new games every day.:)

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