We are happy to present you our newest game Curse Run, which brings you back the good old Lode Runner style gameplay with a completely new theme, and new game mechanics. We hope you will like the game as much as we did making it!



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“There have been found some strange caves inside the Moon. Your quest is to explore them with your Lunavigator. There are predefined movements, which can be used to control Lunavigator. These movements are: shift left, shift right, shift up, and idle. You have to select and insert these movements carefuly to make Lunavigator navigate through cave and reach the portal. There are 15 caves to explore. Good luck!”

Hello again dear players!

It has been a long time since we have written anything. I’m happy to announce a game developed by us, which is called LuNavigator. It is a puzzle action game, where you have to design your moves, which are triggered in the provided order! There are a lot of improvements that can be done, but the game is playable, and we hope that you’ll like it!

Click on the images or on this LINK to play the game!


lunavigator menu


lunavigator screen;shot

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