Site Updates

Jul 14, 2011

There were busy weeks behind us, and we have made some updates on Funtidote. We know we have promised user login and rating system, but unfortunately we have to delay it’s release for few weeks, due some problems.

Of course the site has not been left untouched. Some improvements have been made under the hood.

You will notice that the category, search, tag, and author page’s behaviour has been changed a little bit. Not much in the visual aspect, but almost everything under the hood. These pages now work much more smoother then before, and the sorting on these pages is much more instant.

Beside these mayor updates, there are some minor ones. These updates include better Internet Explorer 7 browser support (yes, we have IE 7 users too :-) ), and some minor fixes and tweaks.

We hope you like these updated features, and enjoy playing games on Funtidote.

Were you annoyed of the old, green color based look of Funtidote? Don’t have to worry any more, because today we have changed the look of Funtidote. We turned it into fresh looking, fun website.

The old, green based look was fine on some monitors (like our’s), but there were many people who have criticized (rightly) the look of the site, so we decided to change it.

We chose blue based look to make, and we think that it will be eye appealing to every visitor of Funtidote.

The site is not complete yet. We are adding new features constantly. The next feature to add, will be the basic user account system, and the game rating system. These will be added shortly, just a week or two.

We wont waste words any more. Instead, we encourage you to check out the refreshed new look of Funtidote, and of course play the games, have a fun!